Dan Tase
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Hey, I'm Dan, design lead & co-founder at Rubber.
I help companies solve business problems through design and product thinking. My work is a mix of UX/UI, research and validation, working closely with a team of managers, data analysts and engineers.

My skill set allows me to adapt quickly to any project, no matter how big or small. I help start-ups figure out what they should be building and transform their idea into a real product. I also work with large companies to take their product further by solving hard problems that affect key metrics.

I've recently co-founded a Product Design studio called Rubber, working with clients like Microsoft, Burberry and others. Previously I led design at Farfetch & Just Eat. In another life I helped Pollen get $2.5 mil. investment & designed some smaller start-ups.
Streamlining the flow
Streamlining the native flow by improving the end to end experience, from digital (discovery, checkout) to physical (delivery times, satisfaction, customer care).
Just Eat
Help me choose
Improving conversion for new customers by helping them choose what to order, while moving towards a more personalised experience.

Celebrate choice
Increase trust in Just Eat and our restaurants
Be more transparent regarding delivery times
Create an immersive experience.
Order History
Enhancing the post-order experience on iOS and Android by providing a clear order status and surfacing critical information at the right time.

Provide a better understanding of the order status
Decrease the number of customer care calls
Make the return process easier
Parent App
Woogie is a voice activated AI device for children. I was in charge of designing the Parent App, allowing parents to control the device and get better insights on every aspect of their child's life.

Allow parents to add Parental Controls
Conversation Stats
Overall product thinking
Helping Burberry achieve parity with the web platform by designing native monogramming, a feature that's helping customers personalise their items.

Increase conversion
Achieve parity with the web platform
Take advantage of the native landscape
iOS 10 Features
Identifying the business opportunities in iOS 10, creating a better customer experience through iMessage Apps, 3D Touch and Widgets.

Improve acquisition and conversion through iMessage apps.
Easy access to categories with 3D Touch
Establish a better partnership with Apple
Just Eat
Native checkout
Providing a seamless, one click checkout for returning customers, moving from 3 pages to 1 native page.

Offer 1 click checkout for returning customers
Increase conversion
Decrease checkout time
Remove Payment webview
Summit Website
Leading a small design team, working closely with Microsoft stakeholders to deliver the physical and digital identity for Summit, one of their biggest conferences in Europe.

Design leadership
Branding and identity
Conference website
Conference collaterals
3rd Parties Integration
Exploration work aiming to integrate Just Eat with 3rd parties (Button, Facebook, Netflix), looking to acquire customers through external channels.

Facebook bots
Foursquare button
Netflix ads
Dan Tase
+44 7449 984 331